Alex’s Story

Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate is the Most Innovative Digital Luxury Property Sales Agency representing the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate is the winner of the 2018 Award from Facebook as The Best User of Facebook in the Business category.

Responsive to the rapidly changing real estate environment, the team at Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate is leading the evolution of residential property marketing using digital technology, engaging cinematic videography and the adoption of cutting-edge property sales technology using digital technology is producing remarkable results for the Agency, it’s sellers and it’s buyers.

Prior to opening his real estate agency, Alex was asked by a business advisor to nominate his “Unique Selling Proposition” to complete with all other agents?

His response without thinking was: “To be the first and the best Digital and Facebook Social Media Real Estate Agent in Queensland, offering outstanding customer service and telling the truth at all times!”

Alex has achieved his objectives on all counts! 

The reasons that Alex chose to be a specialist Digital and Social Media Luxury Real Estate Agent, are based on this data:

 1.3 billion people are actively using Facebook every month.

 Every second, there is 7807 Tweets sent, 71,323 YouTube videos sent, 810 Instagram photos sent and 2,635, emails sent. Every second of every day!

We can’t be a ‘good fit’ for you and sell your property fast for best price in market, unless we are a leading Digital- Social Media Luxury Real Estate Agent using all of the latest Digital Technology.

We use the latest technologies to expose properties in front of the widest net of buyers possible. 

Our international campaigns reached more than 117,000 people.” We are currently targeting expats living in the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong. Shanghai, and the USA, who are looking for investment properties and to safely return home. 

“It is proven that we double consumer engagement (commitment) compared to our competition, which means we’re capturing a greater audience,” he said.

Alex’s notable sales are now difficult to list, however they include a $4.25 million transaction of an Ephraim Island home, a $2.595 million contract on a Sorrento house secured within three weeks, a $3.5 million luxury property on Sovereign Island, a $2.6 million super party house at Sanctuary Cove and a $3.2 million deal of a rock-star residence at Hope Island.

A Gold Coast local for 18 years and resided on The Sovereign Islands, Alex has a thorough understanding of not only the North Gold Coast market, but the Agency has expanded into the whole Gold Coast region better servicing our Buyers and Sellers.

This forward-thinking focus is supported by a framework of traditional values including honesty, respect and trust. 

Alex Phillis works in harmony with high net worth Australian and Asian buyers and is extremely successful in transacting property sales to this market. His relationship with a specialist Chinese agency in Sydney, in conjunction with our own Chinese multilingual buyers agent, Huan, ensures the ultimate translation and communication.

The Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate Team are in effect an amazing Real Estate Marketing Agency and is committed to negotiating quick sales at best prices on the whole Gold Coast.

As a seller, you will not find Alex Phillis or any of the team, using real estate agent sales processes, inflating appraisal prices or creating “phantom” potential buyers, only for those buyers never to materialise.

We will not do the “show everyone every property on offer in the hope of lucking on a sale” practice, that some other agents do.

As a buyer, you will not be frustrated to find Alex Phillis or any of the team, using real estate agent sales terminology and creating “phantom” properties for sale, but not ever see them!

Alex’s ‘Honesty is my Policy’ ensures that all parties are treated respectfully and provided only with factual information.

Alex’s Honesty Policy means that sometimes we can’t promise the outcomes that other agents do, in which case we are probably not a good fit and no hard feelings.

Alex is a rabid AFL football supporter who is a passionate supporter of the Crows.

Alex is 35 years of age and has amazing energy and determination to succeed for his clients.

He is passionate about his real estate business and works anything up to 14 hours per day.

Alex said: “My business focus is based on a passion to provide the best service to sellers and buyers and achieve the best possible outcome for them and to retain them as friends.”

Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate is your genuine personalised alternative! 

 Proudly Australian

Alex Phillis

Luxury Real Estate

Specialising on the whole Gold Coast

Alex now has experienced Agents who are committed to the alex Phillis Philosophies from the North Gold Coast down to Tugun.

Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate is the specialist Gold Coast Real Estate agent. Alex is the first of the true digital agents, using Facebook plus website and digital presence as a medium to buy or sell, your next home.

Our website is continuously updated as are our Facebook pages Be the first to see that special home of your dreams, in a dream location.

Gold Coast: Annual Weather Averages.

January is the hottest month in Gold Coast with an average temperature of 25°C (77°F) and the coldest is July at 15°C (59°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 9 hours in December.
The Gold Coast – safe, calm, prestigious, a great place to live.

Gold Coast- safe, prestigious, a great place to live!

Asian & Chinese Market

Alex, Monika Tu and Huan Luo work closely together to facilitate the Asian Chinese and Asian buyers seeking property on the Gold Coast.

Huan is consistently advertising on ‘Wechat’, the equivalent to ‘Facebook’ for the Chinese community. Huan has a strong network of Chinese brokers that provide pre-qualified buyers seeking prestige properties on the Gold Coast.

Huan reaches out to the Chinese community creating ongoing personal relationships and trusting buyers. Alex also works in conjunction with Monika Tu from the incredible Black Diamonz agency in Sydney, to provide outstanding service to her Overseas buyers when they are looking for property on the Gold Coast.
We have an international database of high net worth clients who reach out to us about the Northern Gold Coast and through our buyer’s agents we have cultivated strong, trusted personal relationships.

These are successful professionals who choose Alex in the pursuit of the very best local real estate. With proven sales records on a wide scope of properties ranging from $1M-$10M, Alex and the buyer’s agents know how to reach buyers globally through established marketing channels including the Chinese Facebook channel Wechat.

Our Alex’s honed negotiation skills then allow him to secure timely transactions with market leading results, finding overseas buyers other agencies simply don’t have access to.

We never underestimate the power of personal relationships.

Our Team

Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate has quickly gained the reputation for total honesty and a 100% rating* on the Rate my Agent website. (*at time of creation of the website)

Monique Wright

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Adam Phillis

Real Estate Agent

Kevin Fan

Real Estate Agent

Huan Luo 罗欢

Real Estate Agent

Travis McDermott

Real Estate Agent

Brian Phillis

Sales & Team Management

Val Palkin

Real Estate Agent

Brendan Casey

Real Estate Agent

Kit McMullen

Real Estate Agent