Why buy with Alex Phillis

Alex Phillis is unlike many other agents. Alex likes to focus on identifying the very best properties to suit each individual buyer.

Alex believes that the definition of sales is: “Identifying what each buyer your is trying to achieve in terms of their property purchase on a deep level, then offering the most effective solution possible. Alex’s experience is that when there is engagement and trust, a sales transaction usually occurs because of the win-win situation created!”

Those philosophies ensure that Alex has the best performance, reputation, comparable listings, minimum time on market and highest Buyer-Seller satisfaction ratings.

If you are a genuine Buyer and looking for a luxury property in the North Gold Coast area we are certainly the best agent to assist you.

International Buyers

Whilst this is not a large part of our portfolio. We certainly do have some strong interest from genuine International Buyers and we qualify their requirements well before they arrive so they don’t waste time, or they choose to purchase over the Internet after seeing videos and photographs.

In the past 12 months, the Chinese market has been very active however now we are seeing renewed interest from UK and European buyers.There is strong interest from Interstate buyers as they capitalise on the strong prices in Sydney and Melbourne and buy super value in this North gold coast market.

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