Off Market Luxury Real Estate

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Off Market Luxury Real Estate

‘Off Market’ Sellers

‘Off market’ is a new definition in the real estate discussion.

Many of the very best properties are never publicly offered for sale. You just will not see them advertised and this is due to many and varied reasons, but mostly the fact that the owners don’t not want to see their properties publicly listed for sale.

It’s not that they aren’t for sale, they usually are, however this type of seller can’t entertain ‘non genuine buyers’ and ‘sticky beaks’ are walking through their property.

They desire me to provide a qualified buyer and conclude a sale within 7 days.

Are you a discrete and private seller of a prestige property on the North Gold Coast? Sovereign Islands, Ephraim Island, Hope Island, Sanctuary Cove, Paradise Point, Salacia Waters, Runaway Bay.

Up to 20% of the most unique and beautiful properties are never listed because the owners are extremely private.

I describe them as ‘off market’ sellers, but the properties are seriously for sale and are usually sold to discerning buyers.


If so, you can register your property with me and it will never be publicly listed anywhere EVER! Furthermore, any interested party will be asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, prior to any information being passed across. Initially only photos and videos, then and only to qualified buyers will an address be disclosed

If you are an ‘Off Market Seller’ I will register your property, prepare selling documents and only provide that information in person to genuine qualified prestige property buyers. Interested buyers (and myself) will be required to sign a confidentiality and non disclosure agreement prior to me discussing the property.

Your property will never be publicly advertised!

Please call me now on 0411 600 300


Pre-register with me and sign an NDA for first notification of ‘off market’ prestige properties.

I have a confidential list of ‘Off Market Sellers’ who do not want public exposure, however they have prestige properties that are seriously for sale, but not listed anywhere.

Buyers, please call me and we can discuss what you are seeking and maybe I will have the perfect solution.

Please call me now on 0411 600 300

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